Monday, August 30, 2010

Trying a New Look

Today I watched Kung Fu Panda. While watching the ending credits, which are amazing by the way, I wondered about the dark Kanji and Chinese characters on the warm backgrounds. And I thought I would try my Signature in the same style. So, here it is. Not bad. A little bare for design...but I don't know actual brushwork, nor the language of the Chinese. And I don't want to have this look too silly. This way captures my original design for my Signature, Which was originally meant to have somewhat of a brushstroke dynamic to it.

Also, lately I have been feeling like my light against dark designs for my signature and my websites...needs to have a break. This Dark against light theme....might be a direction to go. Hm, I wonder. :) Enjoy.

P.S.  I had to change the 's' on Williams...the curve was backwards. Oops.  My wife caught it. Thanks Nadia. :)

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