Saturday, October 26, 2013

Just to clarify

Just to clarify. I wasn't planning on posting anything but artwork on this blog. But as you see, I have. Though I intended it to go onto my blog... I "mis-clicked" you could say.

I hope it is allowed this time. But just for those of you who really like to see artwork, here is a 'work-in-progress" image I have been picking at while at work at Delorum this summer. And another I did earlier this spring. And another I am still working on as well.... which might last forever, seeing as these are past-time works this year. Please remember, they are WIP's. Not finished.

Thank you.

Alive and family photos

I'm still alive and kicking. Mostly kicking.....often myself. But besides that. I wanted to show some summer photos of the family. We had my wife's family up again, but this time we had EVERYONE! Shock I know. It was a rare opportunity. So, mom and dad Perry were there with all of Nadia's siblings. In other words... forget if all the photos weren't perfect, we were ALL THERE! and that is what is important. Thank you.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Within Her Face

Just artwork this time. Life is too scary to talk about. Just enjoy my art while it lasts.

Photoshop CS4. A new brush I really really like. 12x16 300 ppi. A nice texture overlayed as well. From a quick digital doodle. I figure it took me split up about 4 days. All together it was maybe 10 hours.

Monday, August 20, 2012

2012 Madison Co Fair Awards

Today I picked up my entries for the local Madison County Fair here in Idaho. I was fortunate enough to have a good friend encourage me to enter alongside him and for my wife's support.
I entered 5 pieces, which is the maximum number allowed for the Fine Art category. I entered as a professional with 4 oil paintings and 1 digital painting. As shown below in the photos, I entered:

The Emerald City of OZ.  This piece won "Reserve Grand Champion" and "First Premium".

Gryphon's Departure.  This piece won "Second Place" and "First Premium".

The Great Dragon Bastian. This piece won "Second Place" and "First Premium".

Bottles. This piece won "Second Premium".

Rainbow Socks. This Piece won "First Place" and "First Premium".

It was fun to participate. There was a lot of great work from all ages, categories, and styles. I appreciate Madison County for the opportunity. My gratitude for the awards, and the privilege to participate. Thanks go to my good friend Joseph Brower. And Thanks of course to my sweet wife for her support. Also thanks for the support of my parents who now have passed on. Thanks mom and dad.

With that, Enjoy.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Here are my latest finished portraits for my head painting class I am enrolled in. Enjoy!

Monday, September 5, 2011

This blog has fallen behind. I'm sorry I have neglected you. A lot has happened though. My father passed away in February. My daughters molestation case is still in court after 2 years now. We lost our home (moved in with mom). And I kind of had a mid-life crisis/identity crisis right before dad died and quit my job. Mostly due to being pushed in directions I didn't sign on for, and feeling the rug being pulled out from under my feet. School continued to suffer. I passed fall semester...only barely. I had to repeat those classes in spring, but after dads passing....yeah, its ridiculous. I honestly don't know how the school puts up with me. We're pretty much losing everything. Our van is next on the chopping block. $18,000 later, and $4,000 shy and it is likely to be I FURIOUS? It's a $12,000 (maybe $14,000) 2003 Chevy Venture van. Yes, 22 grand on a 12 grand car. That is bondage. I keep corporate America  and the government going because I get to pay penalty fees. Like Forever.

Shame on me for "boo hooing" on my art blog, but I just haven't had the time because of the boo hooing. If all of you could be kind enough, until I migrate here to this blog (possibly...for consistency sake) please keep up to date with my postponed posts at: for now. It has some recent posts too. Like my fathers portrait that I did for my sister, and a patriotic float mural I did for some friends, and some new web designs....and a really long post about the in's and out's of my site.

Thank you all for you support and interest.

Till later when all of this mess gets under control....take care.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Limited Pallete

These are the first two paintings completed for school this fall semester at the Academy of Art University which I am attending online. The only colors used in these assignments are a 4 color limited pallet of: Ivory Black, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, and Terra Rosa. The canvases are 12x16 and I primarily used a 1/4 inch flat brush. Life is busy. School, web design and graphic design work, fine art painting,  family, and the occasional social visit. Enjoy.