Monday, September 5, 2011

This blog has fallen behind. I'm sorry I have neglected you. A lot has happened though. My father passed away in February. My daughters molestation case is still in court after 2 years now. We lost our home (moved in with mom). And I kind of had a mid-life crisis/identity crisis right before dad died and quit my job. Mostly due to being pushed in directions I didn't sign on for, and feeling the rug being pulled out from under my feet. School continued to suffer. I passed fall semester...only barely. I had to repeat those classes in spring, but after dads passing....yeah, its ridiculous. I honestly don't know how the school puts up with me. We're pretty much losing everything. Our van is next on the chopping block. $18,000 later, and $4,000 shy and it is likely to be I FURIOUS? It's a $12,000 (maybe $14,000) 2003 Chevy Venture van. Yes, 22 grand on a 12 grand car. That is bondage. I keep corporate America  and the government going because I get to pay penalty fees. Like Forever.

Shame on me for "boo hooing" on my art blog, but I just haven't had the time because of the boo hooing. If all of you could be kind enough, until I migrate here to this blog (possibly...for consistency sake) please keep up to date with my postponed posts at: for now. It has some recent posts too. Like my fathers portrait that I did for my sister, and a patriotic float mural I did for some friends, and some new web designs....and a really long post about the in's and out's of my site.

Thank you all for you support and interest.

Till later when all of this mess gets under control....take care.

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