Monday, August 20, 2012

2012 Madison Co Fair Awards

Today I picked up my entries for the local Madison County Fair here in Idaho. I was fortunate enough to have a good friend encourage me to enter alongside him and for my wife's support.
I entered 5 pieces, which is the maximum number allowed for the Fine Art category. I entered as a professional with 4 oil paintings and 1 digital painting. As shown below in the photos, I entered:

The Emerald City of OZ.  This piece won "Reserve Grand Champion" and "First Premium".

Gryphon's Departure.  This piece won "Second Place" and "First Premium".

The Great Dragon Bastian. This piece won "Second Place" and "First Premium".

Bottles. This piece won "Second Premium".

Rainbow Socks. This Piece won "First Place" and "First Premium".

It was fun to participate. There was a lot of great work from all ages, categories, and styles. I appreciate Madison County for the opportunity. My gratitude for the awards, and the privilege to participate. Thanks go to my good friend Joseph Brower. And Thanks of course to my sweet wife for her support. Also thanks for the support of my parents who now have passed on. Thanks mom and dad.

With that, Enjoy.

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