Saturday, July 31, 2010

More of an Introduction

This is of course the banner image I just put together to show off the Blog. I incorporated the diagonal linear background into an old image of mine that I still use often. There is my "sci-fi" signature as I call it, and then BRUSHDRAGON because that is the name I chose several years back to identify myself. I chose the name because first of all, shaunwilliamsillustration was a lot to type out for a website. I migrated from that address to the much simpler 'brush' and 'dragon'. Two old words that are easy to spell, pronounce, and which I identify with in my work to a degree. Not only that, but 'Shaun' has like 5 spellings, and 'illustration' just pretzels my fingers. :D lol. I like to paint fantasy, so brushdragon fit I thought. Now there are some out there who feel it is a bit dark. Well, dragons are mostly associated with evil in western cultures. Eastern cultures not as much though. At any rate, I hope none of you feel that I chose the name to imply some 'Evil' intent or direction. Above all those concerns, I am a Christian. So, for me I hope to do art which will influence for good. Lately I have been really wanting to paint big paintings of clouds....Yes I said clouds. A fellow BYU-IDAHO Alumni Josh Clare already does an outstanding job of cloud paintings. Check his work out here: to see what I mean. :) Another Alumni Albin Vaselka has good work with some clouds in his landscapes: I'll have many other links to old buddies websites soon. I have tastes ranging from still life, figures, portraiture, landscapes, architecture, then conceptual design which has all of my sci-fi and fantasy, and all the illustration and fine art in that arena, as well as a taste I have for sculpture...if I ever get back to that. :) I use Photoshop heavily, but I would prefer to paint with oils more often. For now, I am set on working on website design. I work with a group of programmers. I make things look pretty as they say, and they make what I create actually work. It is a cool partnership I enjoy.

Well, Too much text and not enough art. LOL, I will start scanning in and presenting sketches and art along the way. I have other doodles I have done too. Feel free to check out for all of the old stuff, but remember, I have a lot of "That's life and it sucks" entries along the way there. Hopefully here I can keep this enjoyable and grow until I get my website recreated into a more dynamic website. It works fine, but takes a while to load. I have about 250 images there. All old images from 3 to 10+ years ago. OK, I'm done. Till the next post!  Take care everyone.

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