Friday, July 30, 2010

For My Artwork

I decided that I need a Blog for my artwork that doesn't include stuff from life. I figure that my hectic life intrudes too much into my art...well, maybe more that I worry that people just want to see my artwork and not hear all of the whining. :D lol. So, I should have this up and going.

Also, this Blog carries the same name as my website. And that makes more sense to me. Thanks to all of you who support me and I hope this can be a real hub of my artwork. I will be adding sketchbook stuff, doodles, and all of the work that has been created but has been hiding from publication on the web. I may...may, add incomplete, or in progress work too. I have more than 10 pieces I have been working on. We'll see.

Have a great time looking through my work. Thanks! :)

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